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Qoot Agriculture Consultancy LLC is a firm under QFC Authority offering Advisory, Training and Project Management solutions in soil free farming in collaboration with prominent global companies in farming technologies. Our clients vary from small domestic gardens developers to large scale farms owners

Our Vision

We strive to promote Qatar as a regional pioneer for the application of modern agricultural techniques and help create a new generation of farmers, with a futuristic vision that is able to face challenges, through research and innovation in a way that conforms with Qatar’s aspirations of modernity and self-sufficiency

Our Purpose

To promote and coach the application of new sustainable farming technologies that allow the efficient use of available resources in order to meet local agricultural needs in a manner that harmonizes with city life


Integrity: the key to building trust

Teamwork: the key to boost creativity

Hard work: the key to deliver our promises

Our Philosophy

Farming is the first act of civilization human kind carried out. At Qoot, we believe that farming and civilization are complementary to each other. We do not see urban cities as a threat to farming, as the city of today has become more accommodative to farming than ever, thanks to new technologies and innovations in urban cultivation methods that allow farms to grow here, right underneath city shades

Our Partners

We have established strategic partnerships with a number of prominent agricultural firms from Turkey and the Czech Republic in order to capture their expertise when executing agricultural projects in Qatar.


Our Turkish partner specializes in installing the infrastructure for all types of agricultural projects and have completed a number of hydroponic and aquaponic Green House Projects in Russia & Turkey. From the Czech Republic, our partner is a flexible innovative company that provides whole range of services in the hydroponics, aquaponics and aquaculture field.


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